Purple Medicine Woman



My first spiritual initiation occurred in a dream. My spirit teacher guided me to a place deep in the earth where I was led to a large cavern with a fire in the center. I was directed to step into the fire and stood there for quite some time. I was not afraid nor was I harmed. My power animal and other spirits as well as my ancestors all accompanied me on this journey and surrounded me with love and caring. After the fire experience, I was led to my power animal and lay my back against him for support. The smoke from the fire then suddenly started whirling up into the air and came directly at me and entered me through my second chakra. Startled, I felt the warmth and energy brought into me by the spirits. I was then encircled by all my spiritual relations and clothed in a white gown. This was a joyful experience, being surrounded by these compassionate and caring beings. When I awoke from this dream, I knew this to be my spiritual initiation, and for this I am deeply and profoundly grateful.

For the full story of my initiation with my Tuvan teacher, Ai-Churek, please read my article, Back to Siberia - In Relationship With a Tuvan Shaman. (See Articles)


Sponsoring Member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies
Founding Member, Society for Shamanic Practitioners
Faculty Member, Monarch Bear Institute Holistic Healing Center

Faculty Member, Osher Lifelong Learning Institute/San Francisco State University
Ordained Minister, Association for the Integration of the Whole Person
Member, Journey to the Heart

B.S. Human and Organizational Behavior, University of San Francisco
M.A. Cultural Anthropology and Social Transformation with a concentration in
Human and Organizational Transformation, California Institute of Integral Studies

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