Purple Medicine Woman


Bibliography and Resources

Articles by Debra Varner:

-Back to Siberia - In Relationship with a Tuvan Shaman,
Shamanism: Journal of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies,
Spring/Summer 2004 (see Articles)

-Return to Tuva,
Sacred Hoop, Winter 2003


Suggested Reading about Shamanism

There are numerous publications on the subject of shamanism. These are just a few of the selections that have guided me along my way. I am grateful for the wisdom of these authors, scholars and shamanic practitioners.

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Weiss, Brian L., Many Lives, Many Masters
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Affiliations and Shamanic Organizations

California Institute of Integral Studies

Foundation for Shamanic Studies

Society for Shamanic Practitioners

Monarch Bear Institute

Osher Lifelong Learning Institute - San Francisco (OLLI)

Association for the Integration of the Whole Person (AIWP)

Journey to the Heart

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