Purple Medicine Woman


About Shamanism

As an initiated shaman and practitioner in the Siberian tradition of shamanic healing arts, I am prepared to assist and guide you to a closer relationship with your spirit and spirit guides. I am also adept in the practice of core shamanism as created by anthropologist, Michael Harner. As excerpted from Sandra Ingerman’s book, Shamanic Journeying: A Beginner’s Guide,

“A shaman is a man or woman who interacts directly with spirits to address the spiritual aspects of illness, perform soul retrievals, divine information, help the spirits of deceased people cross over, and perform a variety of ceremonies for the community. Shamans have taken on many roles in tribal communities. They have acted as healers, doctors, priests, psychotherapists, mystics, and storytellers. Shamans heal emotional and physical illness by working with the spiritual aspects of illness.”

Many physical, emotional and mental illnesses are caused by spiritual imbalances. Therefore, I work with your whole being in addressing disturbances manifested in the mind and body by creating sacred space, calling on the compassionate spirits for protection, guidance and support in diagnosing illness, aiding in healing and relief from pain and building relationships with our ancestors and spirit guides.

Also, together we can access information that will guide you through periods of confusion and transition as part of our normal life passages. If you have suffered traumatic events in your life, feel isolated, withdrawn from your family or community or just feel as if something is missing from your life, it may be you are disconnected spiritually.

My goal is to empower you to be fully connected to the spirit world and for you to understand your own divine power for healing yourself and living up to your fullest potential.

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